ASTA RESORT: A daydreamt place of escapism, where days are spent sun drenched and carefree. A destination for women to feel the sun on their skin. This is vacation-wear done right.

Founded by Helena Ammitzboell, Asta Resort is a concept that arose from the mindset of chasing summer and resort style living, whether it be in the Amalfi Coast or in day dreams. Asta Resort is a destination for women to feel the sun on their skin and bask in their alluring confidence and grace. Crafted from the most sublime fabrics we can find, each piece is designed to transcend trends and always be vacation-ready, carrying sweet summer memories of beaches and bars upon return.


We design our pieces with longevity in mind. Creating classic cuts with versatile wearability that carry a sense of summery nostalgia from year to year, our styles will outlast ephemeral trends. Our prints are designed from hand drawn motifs at our home in Sydney, Australia. We work closely with our manufacturers here in Australia, Hong Kong and Bali to bring our designs to life in the best fabrics, cuts and quality possible, while always producing small and exclusive runs to reduce our carbon footprint.