Asta Resort embodies a destination-like experience, seamlessly blending artisanal craftsmanship with designs of versatile wearability and retro glamour. Your passport to ASTA is a curated experience, where every outfit tells a story, every accessory holds a memory, and every location serves as a canvas for your own way of dressing. Asta Resort personifies the nostalgia of travel, fashion, food, and art, interweaving them into the very fabric of our brand. A brand rooted in the values of expansive horizons, global exploration, and personal luxury.


Helena, the visionary behind Asta Resort, draws inspiration from her multicultural upbringing, combining Danish and Australian influences to create timeless pieces that resonate with a global audience. With a passion for evoking anticipation and childlike joy through her designs, Helena infuses each collection with a sense of nostalgia and celebration of life's happiest moments. Her commitment to European knitwear artistry is evident in every stitch, as she collaborates with skilled artisans to produce garments that exude warmth, intention and sentiment.

DESTINATION ASTA: Inspired by the luxury hospitality industry.

As we look ahead, Asta Resort envisions exporting symbolic collections to the world, each designed to reflect and celebrate a unique aspect of life. Our focus on knitwear as a medium allows us to convey connection through carefully chosen stitches and silhouettes, inspiring others to embrace quality craftsmanship and sustainability in our practice. With production now based in Italy and Portugal, we remain dedicated to preserving traditional techniques while advancing towards a future of zero-waste production and emotional connection with our garments. Together with Helena's sister, Jasmine, a creative sister duo is formed, overseeing every aspect of production, ensuring an attention to detail and personal touch in every piece.

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